product management :: project management

Through marketing planning and project management I have been boosting the brand's digital assets for more than 10 years. With a strategic and operational vision and through online and offline techniques I focus on achieving business goals.

Scrum master

Web aplications. Agile methodologies. Data protection compliance

Marketing automation

Lead nurturing. Lead scoring. Workflows. Templates. Data bases management

Website optimization

UI / UX. reStyling. SEO

Data driven

Business Intelligence. Dasboards, reporting. Power BI, Data Studio.

Marketing strategy

Growth marketing. Consumer centric, user journeys and funnels. On+off planning. Paid strategy goal-oriented

Brand strategy

Brand identity. Brand positioning. Value proposal. Brand mood. Brand story. Branded content

Content marketing

Multichannel content strategy. Inbound marketing.

Master's degree in Digital Marketing from ESIC. Web Application Development Technician. Graduate in Communication Sciences

Completed projects

Completed projects available in my Domestika pholio

Learning by doing